Role: UX, UI, production design, mobile | Team: Retail Interactive Leads: Tim Borjas, Courtney Dattilo



The Smart Sign is an iPad available at each product demo table in the Apple Retail Store. The device provides product information to customers as they shop, however, only within one specific product line (e.g. Macbook Air). 

The device units, iPad and dock station, create additional work for retail store employees as they need to be maintained from a hardware and software perspective.





Remove Smart Signs from Apple Retail Stores by providing a web-app experience available on each in-store demo unit. The application would allow customers to gain knowledge about Apple products and comparison shop. 


The first step in the process was collecting all product information and technical specifications displayed on the in-store Smart Signs. This content was cross-referenced with that of third-party resellers and across multiple geographies. I was tasked with building the master document with product information. 

I was integral to the conceptual design phase through sketching and wireframes by sharing my insights and pain points about the customer experience in the Apple Retail Store. I also completed the visual production design and spec work of mobile and desktop screens for the development team.