The purpose of the re-design was to launch the marketplace was to provide Spalding the ability to sell their products directly on their site. The client's budget constraints and launch goal limited the time to work through Phase 2 of the project. 

In the previous phase, one month was dedicated to design, whereas we were only given two weeks to complete this work. To accommodate this challenge, I reviewed Phase 1 wireframes, following closely to the out-of-the-box DemandWare solution, prioritizing a small number of areas where customizations would improve the user experience.


My responsibilities included building a design schedule, breaking the work out into batches, and managing meetings with a remote technical team. The time constraints prompted diving right into visual design, where myself and the visual designer produced high-fidelity comps from the existing visual pattern library. 


Wireframes to Final Design

Clickable prototypes were effective for presenting designs to both the internal and client team through review sessions. DemandWare's out-of-the-box documentation was referenced when building the final design comps.