Role: UX, strategy, architecture, mobile | Visual Design: Nick Selby | Creative Lead: Ned Wallroth | Agency: Amalgam Co



After a 20 year hiatus, Pabst Blue Ribbon is starting to brew beer in Milwaukee at their historic former headquarters. The brewery will experiment with discontinued recipes such as Old Tankard, Kloster Beer and other beers made before prohibition that are housed in archives at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Goda Meir Library and the Milwaukee County Historical Society.

Develop user stories and an interactive walk-through Illustrating the connection between guests and the content proposed for the site.


For visitors of the brewery website, several elements can be leveraged to deepen visitors' connection with the innovation brewery. Key concepts were proposed to the client to engage users.  

  • Rich content- interactive elements (ie- PBR timeline), multimedia, videos, photos
  • Blog- recap events, showcase fan content
  • Personal / User content- allow guests to share photos, stories from their visit to the brewery

A focus on location-based content drives the value of the experience of visiting the brewery and makes guests feel special. The following features were proposed to the client as unique and relevant to the guests of the brewery.

  • Tour / Equipment Walkthrough
  • Trivia- an activity best enjoyed in a social gathering
  • Brewery-only merchandise- higher value
  • Artifacts / memorabilia


Creating New PBR Fans

Pat is visiting Milwaukee with friends on a roadtrip. They’re looking for fun places to have a few beers, talk, and grab a bite to eat. Pat finds PBR Innovation Brewery listed in a Best of Milwaukee guide and visits The Brewery site. He's drawn to the new brews, brewing process, and the tavern menu. 

Appealing to the Seasoned PBR Enthusiasts

The loyal PBR fan, Bobby, receives news about the new Innovation Brewery. He’s stoked on all the history, timeline, and heritage brands.

Connecting Across Generations

While at Thanksgiving dinner, Bobby is listening to his great Uncle Dan talk about PBR from back in his younger days. Uncle Dan reminisces over the Old Tankard Ale and is drawn to the history content. 


The first stage in my process was to conduct competitive research of existing breweries' websites in order to uncover successes and challenges from the user perspective. I looked to Harpoon, Lagunitas, Sam Adams, and Magic Hat Brewery and posed the following questions with each:

  • Are the brand and brewery a seamless experience?
  • Does the content engage in a way where I get a taste for the brewery experience?
  • What features on the site connect me with the brewery? 

Evaluating the existing sitemap gave me a chance to identify touch points in the experience for both visitors of the brewery (on-location) and visitors to the brewery website (off-site, digital) to determine site specific content. I also proposed ways to consolidate pages and streamline the site architecture to increase guests' access to content.